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Terzo appuntamento ETT con Signal e nuova produzione Slingshot !

Thirsty for a new ETT?! Perfect, because here it is and this one goes down smooth! Gettin’ Barreled rolls south to Tennessee to visit the oldest distillery in America, Jack Daniels and it’s cooperage. After seeing how a barrel is made and learning the process that is whiskey making, the barrel has a very full and interesting life and it is our goal to extend it one more time and turn the used barrel into a snowboard! Whiskey and Snowboarding what could go wrong? Enjoy and please watch responsibly. Special thanks to Jason Rowlet


Siamo a palla di cannone!

Finito di spedire Mystic, Osprey e Slingshot Kite e Wake, qui in Uc non ci fermiamo più. Questa settimana prepariamo R&E, Remote e gli assortimenti Mystic aspettando la nuova fornitura Slingshot Kite, Osprey Longboard e Moonshine.

Youri Zoon !

What does Youri Zoon, one of the most recognizable and respected riders in kiteboarding, have to say about a return to his roots with team Slingshot. Learn his take on the incredibly fun kite he helped pioneer.

Click the link below to spend five minutes with Youri as he opens up about changing sponsors, being back with team Slingshot and the RPM, battling Carlos Mario for a world title, quality vs. quantity and, ultimately, why he’s having fun on the water again.


New Mystic Video SS 16 e Longboard sul pronto!

Spedito tutti gli ordini sul programmato, possiamo da ora consegnare tutti i nostri marchi di Longboard sul pronto con consegna entro due giorni in tutta Italia.

A segure gli ultimi video di Mystic, che vi ricordiamo potete ordinare sul pronto i best seller della collezione SS 2016.

Mystic Welcome to 2016! from Mysticboarding on Vimeo.

Legend Harness from Mysticboarding on Vimeo.


The Shredtown Crew has done it again with another amazing event at the most prestigious private wake park in the world, the Shredtown Ranch. 

Here at Slingshot we’re honored to help support the dream of Andrew Adams, Davis Griffin and Chris Abadie and we are thrilled with the result yet again. The Slingshot Wake team has always been known for the unique bond between the athletes and the amount of teamwork that went into pulling this event off was nothing short of impressive.The 4th quarter build crew included Dylan Miller, Dustin O’Ferrall and Steffen Vollert with Video Production work by Steffen Vollert and Event Direction by our Team Captain Jeff McKee. 

The Entire Jamboree truly is a team effort and today it’s time for us all to sit back and enjoy the result of all these efforts. The Jamboree is an event unlike any other in Wakeboarding. It’s a retreat for 25 of the best wakeboarders in the world to get together and push the limits of their riding, while simultaneously taking the reigns and steering the sport of wakeboarding into the future. Enjoy…

The 2016 Shredtown Jamboree from Shredtown on Vimeo.




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