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From the ditches beneath the freeways to the spotlight front and center, it's been a hell of a ride with the SHREDTOWN crew over the past 6 seasons. These guys have busted their ass to change the way we view wakeboarding and we are beyond stoked to congratulate them on their most successful year to date! 7 years ago when they submitted video's of their winching missions and creative rail setups we had a feeling that they were onto something, and it's been amazing to watch their progression all the way to the top of the industry as the have just been awarded "RIDER(S) OF THE YEAR" by Alliance Wake Magazine 

To celebrate the occasion the Shredtown crew has offered up the viewing of their film Drop the Gun for free all day today over at alliancewake.com. We recommend heading that way immediately to see exactly what it takes to earn such an honorable award! Here's to SHREDTOWN! We salute you...


Back Story - Drop the Gun | Union Wakeboarder from Union Wakeboarder Magazine on Vimeo.


Through the sport of kiteboarding four passionate women - all professional kiteboarders - will inspire people to be themselves, chase their dreams, care for their bodies and become stewards of the world around them. Follow these women as they chase the wind seeking adventure and self discovery along the way.

Episode 1: The journey starts in Hood River, Oregon, where pro kiteboarders Colleen, Sensi, Laura and Lindsay all meet up for summer wind in the Gorge. Hood River offers incredibly consistent kiting conditions, a bounty of local organic food and a community of wind chasers that support each other on and off the water. Beyond chasing wind, sustainably through community and health sustains these athletes.

Episode 2: Where The Wind Blows continues eastward as our group of women chase wind along the Columbia River Gorge. The girls display their diverse skill set as conditions proved tough; gusty winds and fierce currents kept the ladies on edge. Being a complete kiteboarder requires performing well in all conditions, Colleen, Sensi, Laura and Lindsay, show the power of collective energy, as they push each other to bring a high level of riding to the session. This is Where The Wind Blows.



Where The Wind Blows - Episode 1 from Red Tide Pictures on Vimeo.

Episode 2 - Where The Wind Blows from Red Tide Pictures on Vimeo.

NovitÓ per il 2015 !

Come da sempre siamo i primi a portare in Italia nuovi marchi dagli USA e dal resto del mondo, brand che continuiamo a spingere e vendere da anni come il gruppo Slingshot, Mystic, Signal, prodotti di propietà come Evoluzione69 e poi altri brand minori come Loaded e Riviera quasi sconosciuti in Italia e importati per la prima volta da UC e poi passati ad altri competitor poveri di idee nuove .


Da oggi presenteremo una serie di brand per la nuova stagione 2015 che siamo sicuri diventeranno dei must nei loro settori come tutti i brand che abbiamo in scuderia..


Iniziamo oggi con i primi due: Moonshine (Longboard ) e Lift (Foil). Entrambi in arrivo a Dicembre.


Moonshine è una nuovo Brand di longboard totalmente prodotto in USA e che secondo il nostro parere diventerà il nuovo leader di mercato nella fascia medio - alta del proprio segmento.


Lift è detto da tutti è il miglior Foil in circolazione prodotto da MHL USA in Portorico.


Ecco i due video di presentazione:


The Moonshine Story from Moonshine Mfg. on Vimeo.

MHL Custom from MHL Custom on Vimeo.

Nuovo episodio ETT Signal Novembre

ETT Stagione 5, episodio 2: Mammoth Snowboard! La tavola più lunga del mondo (unofficial)

Una tavola grande come un mammuth per l'opening day di Mammoth Mountain! In questo episodio di #EverryThirdThursday, Dave Lee e la crew di SignalSnowboard creano una tavola di ben 304cm (10 piedi di lunghezza)!!!!! Guardate il Signal team rider Ian Thorley come si diverte in questo esilarante episodio!



Nuova sede !

Vi informiamo che abbiamo spostato la sede operativa in nuovi spazi più ampi ( 900 mq. di stoccaggio merce e 200 mq di uffici)  per poter gestire al meglio l'incremento di lavoro che abbiamo avuto nell'ultimo anno e per prepararci nel 2015 al meglio con tutte le novità che vi stiamo preparando!

We are pleased to inform you that, as a result of an increase of our company activities, we had to move our offices and  warehouse in larger building more suitable to the increased needs of our company. 

Here is the new address.  

Please note that starting from  Monday, November 3 all good has to be shipped to our new office and warehouse address

Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 8 
25030 Roncadelle (Brescia) 

Registered office and phone, fax numbers will stay the same.












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